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VANA Green

VANA Wellness Resort Nongkhai is a certified Green Hotel, with the highest Gold Medal, the only hotel in Nongkhai and the entire Northeast region of Thailand to have been awarded this accolade in 2018 by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. 


Below is a list of our Green activities. 

G gold.png

VANA Wellness Resort boasts the largest green area amongst all hotels and resorts in the greater Nongkhai region.  Tucked away in the green oasis enables guests to experience fresh air like nowhere else in the city. 


It is said that a night's stay at VANA is equal to a week's worth of fresh air in the city. 

Largest Green Area


VANA Wellness Resort provides a range of complimentary outdoor activities. 


Our guests can be sure to stay fit, whilst enjoying the freshest air VANA has to offer!

✪ Award-Winning Swimming Pool 

✪ Mini Badminton Court 

✪ Mini Football Pitch

​✪ Bicycles for use within the resort and nearby areas

✪ Jogging Lane around the Resort compound 

✪ Hula Hoops

Outdoor Activities


VANA produces our own vegetables in our organic plantation.  The main ingredients that are used to make food for our guests are grown and hand picked daily from our
on-site organic vegetable plantation. 


Without chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides, you can rest assured that the food at VANA is truly green and is good for the body.  You may visit our plantation, or even pick some leaves for your morning salad!  Just ask our staff.

Organic Plantation


VANA is proud to be an active member in our local community.  As a Green Hotel, VANA strives to increase awareness of an environmentally-friendly society not only to our guests and staff, but also to our extended community.  VANA organises monthly big cleaning activities, inviting locals to join in and treat them to a cozy meal afterwards. 


VANA also supports local community agriculture produce and handcraft products.  Our eggs come from local farmers' organic farm, and the gifts and souvenirs used at VANA are all hand-made in the local community.

Community Participation

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